The Start of the New Blog!

Introductions are so lame. So here’s the summary–The wedding is over, we bought a house (Our Ivory Tower)…’s official….I’m a grown up. Ugh! Since G and I FINALLY have a weekend with no major plans and we’re staying in town, I made it my Friday night project to start my new blog which I have been wanting to do for awhile now. With a little Shiraz to get the creative juices flowing–here we go!

I’m watching 20/20 tonight and doing a million loads of laundry {don’t be jealous of my glam life}–which has dedicated a whole hour to telling the horrors of cruises. I have to admit took two wonderful cruises with my family when I was younger. The first one was delayed however, because the week before our cruise was scheduled to leave a fire broke out on our ship–thank God we weren’t on that one! This was my first sign that cruises are a bad idea. We ignored that warning went on the cruise anyway a few months later. But we had a great time! Nothing bad happened. Several years later, my mom and sister and I went on another cruise and again had a great time (where nothing real bad happened besides a couple of horrid hangovers). I know that most cruises go off without any issues, but I do not want to risk it ever again after hearing about the latest nightmare (i.e. feces on the wall?? onion sandwiches???  No thanks). So, thanks ABC 20/20 for that little reminder and reinforcement. Has anyone else had any good or bad experiences on a cruise? Do you think they’re getting unfair raps for a couple random terrible mishaps?

2 thoughts on “The Start of the New Blog!

  1. Love the new blog Natty! You know I’ll be following along! We’ve cruised Carnival before with no incidences before {minus hangovers} but I really prefer destination vacations over cruises unless you’re with a big group!

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