The Best and Worst of Pinterest Recipes

Like every other woman in America, I am in love {obsessed} with Pinterest. I definitely think it is a good thing that the addictive site was not around when I was planning my wedding. I mean, I would have been so indecisive and utterly obsessed with trying to recreate Pinterest weddings, G and my parents might have cancelled the whole thing. Plus I think Kelly at Bella Flora did an amazing job, even without Pinterest, don’t you? <Lets look back>

Pink Wedding Reception Table

Wedding Reception Tables

Ahhhh, if only we could go back to that day!

BUT since I don’t use Pinterest for planning a wedding, I pretty much spend my time between recipes and DIY crafts. And I want to share with you the BEST recipe and WORST recipe I’ve encountered so far.

First–the BEST. For Lent I decided to give up red meat, so I have been pouring through chicken and fish recipes to find deliciousness to make for meals. BY FAR THE BEST RECIPE I’ve tried has been Jalapeno Popper Chicken. Oh my gosh it is amazing. G even said it is in his top 10 of favorite meals ever made. That’s a direct quote. It basically tastes like a jalapeno popper, but the chicken part makes you feel like you’re eating healthy–not some fried appetizer {plus it’s not fried!–but I can’t promise it’s healthy} Cheesy, creamy, and a little crunchy from the toasted Panko crumbs. AND EASY! I can’t wait to make it again. The best part is it REALLY DOES look and taste as amazing as this picture.

*photo from -- it is not my own*

*Photo from — it is not my own*

And the worst. The worst recipe I’ve ever made from Pinterest was “Easy and Yummy Candied Popcorn.” Lets just go ahead and say not only did it not turn out looking ANYTHING remotely like recipe, it also tasted horrible. I very may well have messed something up with the recipe to make it turn out so bad, but for something that has “Easy” and “Yummy” in the title….it was neither of those. I wish I would have taken a picture so I could show you exactly how bad it turned out. It was soggy, sticky, and the popcorn basically melted when I poured the candied part on there. SICK. I thought perhaps it would get better as I let it dry, but that didn’t help either. My recommendation is to stay far away from this one. Any suggestions about where I might have gone wrong? I’m scared to try again….

So those are my best and worst Pinterest recipes of the moment. What are your favorite Pinterest recipes? Do you have any amazing “red meat-less” recipes that you can share to help get me through Lent without having to eat tuna and noodles or mac and cheese every day?


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