Target….{& the trouble with saying No}

Ahhh, Target. One of my favorite places! My mom and dad were nice enough to send me a Target gift card in a Valentine this week….and as those things do, it was burning a major hole in my pocket. Sunday is grocery day, so I decided to be responsible and use the gift card to get everything I needed for this week’s meals. (Pinterest recipe reviews coming later this week!) After an hour of shopping around and finding everything I needed {plus a little more}, I was ready to head to the checkout. Sunday night=packed house at Target, so I had to wait in line for a bit before it was finally my time to check out. <Side note: LUCKILY the photos of Princess Kate’s baby bump were on the cover of one of the magazines in the checkout aisle, so I had plenty to keep me busy and not too annoyed.> BUT FINALLY it was my turn, and the little old lady went to work getting me all rung up. She of course asked if I’d heard about their Target Rewards REDcard {yes}, and would I like to get signed up to save 5% {no}.

That’s when the trouble really started. This lady had CLEARLY been taught not to take no for an answer, and I was NOT going to stand between her and the goal. Was I SURE I didn’t want to sign up? {no} But I could save 5% and help local schools. {no}. I didn’t want to help local schools? I don’t have kids, so again, {no}.  Did I remember how it worked? Not a credit card, links to my debit card, and did she mention it saves 5% every time, starting tonight??? Finally, I couldn’t take it. FINE. Fine. I would sign up for the stupid REDcard. With my (metaphorical) tail between my legs, I followed her commands, got signed up, and was ready to save my stupid 5%. I handed her my gift card to pay, and her face said it all.

Ohhh, did I HAVE to use the gift card tonight? Um, yes–that was the only reason I came to Target for my groceries tonight. Ooooohhh, she said. So for some reason I couldn’t use my gift card AND use my new REDcard at once, but there was something the grandma could do to get it to work. She suspended the transaction [or something] as the people started lining up behind me [wondering WTF was taking so long] and magically tried to pull it back up, causing the register to crash. She made us move to the next aisle over. Again, crash. Again, lets move over an aisle. I felt like I was being “Punked” and Betty White was about to show up laughing at me like I was a raging young idiot. This lady was “Off Her Rocker”.  But finally she called the manager over to help, and the manager said she thought we would need to just re-ring up my items, which were already bagged and in my cart. So there I went. Unbagging while she rang everything through again….as I was apologizing to the people who were behind me, giving me a major stink eye….and so embarrassed that I couldn’t tell this old lady no to begin with which would have avoided this whole thing. All in all, I was in the Target line for at least 30 mins. UGH!

She finished ringing things back through, I got to use my gift card, and did get my 5% discount. My new Target rewards REDcard will be here in 2-3 weeks, but it may take a little longer for my pride to come back. And the worst part was….after all that….

I saved a grand total of $2.74….

Am I the only one who has trouble saying no to store rewards cards???

3 thoughts on “Target….{& the trouble with saying No}

  1. I am a HUGE proponent of the Target Red Card. I have the debit version, so it comes right out of my checking account (like using my debit card) and love it! I have already saved a lot of money this year, but one tip I thought I would share is that it works on gift cards. Not Target gift cards, but if you wanted to buy an iTunes gift card or Disney gift card or whatever else they sell there (Including AmEx Visa gift cards) you can save 5%, so I figure it is totally worth it. Chris and I just went to Disney and I saved $30 on our park tickets. While that isn’t a HUGE amount, it was more than nothing!

    • That’s good to know, Steph. I might have to give it another try once my card shows up. She did point out the part about the gift cards….so I might have to give that a try! I do love saving money 🙂

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