A Life Changing Lesson

I’m taking a big risk with this blog post. I’m going to be real honest and it might make you think less of me. Alternatively, it could be a life changing post for you all…so we’re all friends here and I’m going to give it a shot. Here it goes…{I’m so nervous}…

I still use a George Foreman Lean Mean Grilling Machine. There….I said it.

I realize that this “machine” –here on known as GFLMGM– is best suited being used by college students who don’t have a stove top or real grill in their tiny apartments or dorm rooms. Or maybe a single guy who lives in his grandma’s basement? I know I got my GFLMGM (first one) as a high school graduation gift, like many of my peers. At that time, it was a pretty standard graduation gift. However, I’m pretty sure most people throw their nasty, old crusty meat crumbs covered GFMGM’s away with the empty booze bottles from the top of their kitchens when they’re moving out after graduating college (apparently showing off how much booze you drank the last four years isn’t acceptable once you find a 9-5). But seriously, on that topic—how many of you moved all those bottles from apt to apt throughout college? I know I did. And you were REALLY cool if you filled them with liquid and made it so they’d light up in the glow of a sweet black light (obvs I was never THAT cool—no idea how they did that)  Ahhh, moment of silence for the college days that have long passed us by….

george foreman grillblacklightkatie nattyAlright–back to reality….

I was that person {i.e nerd} who put that crust covered GFLMGM in the sink to clean it up (which us unadvised in the instruction manual), boxed it up, and moved it to my first and second apartments in Des Moines, all the way to Ohio, and then back to Iowa. Every time I used it (weekly) I’d curse and moan when it was time to clean up. I’d worry I might get shocked (even though it was NOT plugged in whilest washing) or electrocuted, or worse, break my beloved GFLMGM! The horror!

I’m going to go as far as to admit that when it came time to register for wedding gifts, we I decided to register for a new GFLMGM. One that, by golly, I could take the grills OFF and either wash them much easier by hand or (better yet) put in the dishwasher like real grown-ups do! I had seen them evolve in late night infomercials and I was ready to grow up with an upgrade! When I opened up my new GFLMGM…I was SO excited. Ohhh I could use it like EVERY NIGHT now that my grills were removable and it would be so easy to clean!

Low and behold, I had registered for the wrong one. For some reason, I never exchanged it, and I just continued through life using the new GMLMGM and worried it might be the cause of my death when cleaning it.

UNTIL NOW!!!!! THANK THE LORD FOR PINTEREST AND THE COOKING CLUB BLOG BECAUSE I NOW KNOW I HAVE BEEN CLEANING IT WRONG ALL THESE YEARS! And for all you other GFLMGM users {I know there HAVE to be others of you out there—there have been like millions of these puppies sold}, I give you…

…The life changing [for me} revolution:

Grill to your heart’s desire using your GFLMGM. Make chicken for salads, slightly tough steak for your spouse and kids, or even your own version of “shrimp on the barby”. After you’re finished, unplug the GFLMGM.

Dirty George Foreman Grill

Take two sheets of paper towel and fold back to back so they are two layers of thickness. Get the paper towels wet by running under the sink, and squeeze off extra moisture. Obvs you need to use some degree of quality paper towels. Walmart brand probably isn’t going to cut it here. (I swear by Bounty)

Put the paper towel on the grills (again, it should be UNPLUGGED) and close the lid. It will make all kinds of hisses and steam will come pouring out. THIS IS OKAY AND NORMAL. THE HEAT AND STEAM JUST MEAN IT IS WORKING!

Cleaning George Foreman Grill

Let it sit for at least a half hour. Basically until it has cooled enough so you can touch the paper towel and grill. Once it’s cooled, open the lid and use the same paper towel (it should be nasty looking and damp) to wipe down both the top and bottom grill. It comes off like magic and wipes {easily} as good as new. No scrubbing, no cursing, just easy-peasy and CLEAN. TA-DAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!


Okay, so now that I’ve shared this secret with you….tell me….do YOU still use your GFLMGM?! Because I’ve never seen it sitting out on any of my friends’ counters (maybe you have a lot of cupboard space and hide yours?) Or am I REALLY an idiot for A) still using mine or B) not knowing this little trick until now. Perhaps this is even the recommended way of cleaning—but let’s just say it has made my life a LOT easier!!! Happy cleaning, friends!!!


7 thoughts on “A Life Changing Lesson

  1. Natalie Its so funny you write about the George Forman. My grill was packed away for a couple years. I just got it out 2 weeks ago. I`m actually enjoying cooking on it, and it’s sitting on my counter. Happy Griling !

  2. Wow Natty….love your blog! Here I thought I was going to get in on some real juicy stories about you @ Katie @ Iowa…..but nope you just reinforced what KT always told me…. that you & she stayed in most weekends…studied…watched KT’s old family videos & cooked on your GFLMGM….keep the stories coming.:-)

    • Yah….we don’t have any juicy stories, Sue!!! Good kids here–watchin Kate’s elementary dance recitals and grilling obviously! 🙂 Kinda….maybe some better stories will come out eventually 🙂 Stay tuned!

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