Honor Flight: The Movie & Our Mission

G & I have been loving going to the cheap theater lately. It started off with a couple buy one get one free coupons, and then we got hooked to only paying $5 a piece
to go see a brand new movie. So a couple weeks ago as I was looking up the movie times, I came across a documentary that was being shown as a fundraiser about the Honor Flight organization called Honor Flight — One Last Mission. I actually assumed it was about the Iowa Honor Flight, and since G’s grandpa had gone on one a year or so ago, I thought it would be really cool to see. {It’s actually about the Milwaukee based Honor Flight} There were a limited number of seats available for the 1 time showing, and the webpage literally said there were 2 tickets left. For $7.50 a piece, I decided G & I had to make a mid-week date out of it.

Not knowing what to expect, we scored those final two tickets and I
am so glad we got the opportunity to go! The night of the show the theater was completely packed with people of literally all ages from really young to, of course, veterans. G & I fought over shared a small bucket of popcorn, and I was fortunate enough to sit next to a Korean war veteran, who I talked to after the show.  Before the movie, the team from the Eastern Iowa Honor Flight spoke to the crowd and introduced themselves and the organization. Here is a sneak peek to what we saw that night:

Watching the documentary made me laugh, it made me cry, and it made me feel very proud to be an American {yes, I realize how cheesy that sounds….but it’s true}. They showed video clips and pictures from history that literally gave me chills, and they gave a glimpse into what all goes into each and every honor flight. I learned that according to a study done in 2012, WWII veterans are passing away at a rate of 800 a day. In case you aren’t familiar with the Honor Flight organization, the group raises money and takes war veterans to Washington D.C {at no cost to them} to visit the war memorials in our nation’s capital. They literally leave bright and early in the morning, fly to DC, visit the memorials all day, and return later that night to a HUGE “Welcome Home” ceremony at the airport. The Eastern Iowa Honor Flight costs around $80,000 EACH TRIP, and they can take about 100 veterans each time. That means they need a lot of help fundraising to get these WWII veterans to DC before it’s too late, and they can only raise funds to take a couple trips a year.

As I mentioned, G’s grandpa got the opportunity to go on an honor flight out of Fort Dodge before he passed away. My grandpa, also a WWII veteran, passed away in 2008 and never got the opportunity to go on one. I’m not sure if he ever went to see the WWII memorial….I need to remember to ask my dad that sometime…..but my inkling is probably not. Now I want to help raise money so other veterans can have the opportunity to go on this one in a lifetime trip–one last mission. My goal starting out is to raise $800 because that is the amount needed just to send 1 veteran. There are two trips planned out of the Eastern Iowa Airport for 2013 at this time. They would like to schedule a 3rd, but haven’t raised enough money yet.

The Korean War veteran who sat next to me said he’s hoping to go on an Honor Flight, but because of the wait list of people wanting to go, he doesn’t know if he’ll get to. Talking to him made me realize that helping to get these veterans to DC is a small way we can say Thank You to them for fighting for the freedoms we have today. I ordered a copy of the Honor Flight movie, and I’m willing to lend it out {once it arrives} to friends and family who are interested in watching it. I just ask that you consider helping me raise money for the extremely worthy cause.

I have set up an online site where you can donate, if you’re willing to help me with my challenge. Truly an size donation will help me reach my goal, and will not go unappreciated. G & I are also talking about other ways we might be able to raise money for Eastern Iowa Honor Flight, and we will definitely at the airport for the first trip of 2013’s welcome home ceremony next month.

Please consider helping by donating here: Ivory Eastern Iowa Honor Flight Donation Page. Please also help me by spreading the word and passing the site on to anyone you know who might be willing to donate! Thanks so much for taking time to learn more about this meaningful organization and if you ever get the opportunity–please see the Honor Flight documentary. I’m so glad I stumbled upon that showing!


8 thoughts on “Honor Flight: The Movie & Our Mission

  1. I work with a volunteer organization affiliated with our VA who assist veterans in completing their paperwork, and making sure they get their physical examinations before taking this flight. its a great thing, and I’m proud to work with these guys everyday I go to work. Great job Natalie for having a passion for helping our Veterans.

  2. First of all-bawling after watching that video! I didn’t even know about the Honor Flight program but what an awesome idea. You’ll have to tell me how the welcome home event goes.

    • I know!!! How do you think I was through the entire movie?!? It was so emotional! Even the older guy sitting next to me in the movie was tearing up. It was awesome. Thank you SO much for your donation! I will definitely show pics from the welcome home night. I am excited to see it all in action for myself!

  3. Hi Natalie, first of thank you for what you are doing for our vets!Honor Flight is a wonderful organization that really believes in giving the vets the recognition they deserve but never got. I am currently the Volunteer Coordinator for the Eastern Iowa hub and got involved much like you. I saw some information at a local Hy-Vee store and the rest is history. I teach 4th grade in CR and my class recently raised $1700 to send 3 vets on the April flight- the excitement and pride they have in themselves in magical!!!! If you would like more information on volunteering please let me know. The more people we have spreading the message the more vets we can give the trip of a lifetime to!!!

    • Tricia! Thanks so much for your message. I would love to get involved in volunteering with the organization. Please add me to your volunteer list. My email is ivorynatalie@gmail.com and let me know if there are any events coming up that you need help with–my husband wants to volunteer as well. Thanks again and I can’t wait to work with you raising awareness for this awesome organization!

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