Den Mom for a Night

When G & I moved to Cedar Rapids, I decided to look for a way to keep me busy and make a little extra “fun” money. {AKA money I could spend on myself without feeling guilty} I heard about a website called where you could sign up to get notifications about babysitting jobs. The first job I took was a last minute job….a lady in a bind needing a sitter for the evening for her son. He was an adorable 6 year old who said “easy peasy” every other sentence. They also had THREE HUGE DOGS. The dogs didn’t really bother me, but they were barkers which was intense. I’m not sure if they didn’t like me or what but I only babysat there the once.

The next family I met has the cutest kids ever. They were 3 years and 9 months when I first met them…and personalities that are just so much fun to be around. I have been watching those cuties off and on for over a year now and the parents have even become good friends. I definitely hit the jackpot with them.

And tonight I’m at the 3rd family I found on He’s an adorable 3rd grade boy who is full of energy and keeps me on my toes. Tonight I had the task of taking him to his Cub Scouts meeting while his parents went to a work dinner. His mom asked me to stay for the meeting to make sure he would behave…so I took along my library book {I’m reading The Next Best Thing, by Jennifer Weiner} and a bottle of nail polish to do my nails before my trip on Thursday [I’ll spill more on that later]. I pulled up a chair in the corner and after standing for the flag ceremony, got to work on my coral nails.

I have lots of observations after my first Cub Scouts meeting. First of all one 8 year old is exhausting, but 10 8 year olds is another level. {shout out to all my teacher friends–I don’t know how you do it}.  Next, all the pack dads had very little hair. Not sure if that’s a coincidence or requirement (or result)…but it was just something I observed. Third, the pack dads were so incredibly flustered. It seemed as though their wives probably signed them up for it so they could have a book club/wine night with the other moms. One dad kept telling me that the other parents backed out on him so he was all alone and had his hands full. I think he was trying to get me to help with the “walking sticks” they were making. Um, no thanks…it wasn’t even the kid I was there for’s group!!

So I went about doing my nails. A mom was helping so I thought I was in the clear, but he kept looking at me, trying to ask for my help. He must have sensed my amazing crafting skills. Finally, right as I finished my final thumb nail, the cubs started to turn. They were hungry for their snacks. He looked at me with panic and asked me if I would please pass out the snacks and juice boxes. He looked so scared and desperate. There was no way I could say no.

They stormed at me, wanting their fruit roll ups and Capri Suns. I tried desperately to open them without having my nails touch the unopened package. It was a flurry for only a moment, and they were done. Scared I look down and was amazed to only find one ruined nail. But still annoyed I ruined a nail at all and didn’t even get offered a snack if my own!


At the end, they all played basketball where one kid, who was so tall he must have been held back three or four years, dominated the others who looked like they hadn’t played a time in their life. Seriously….it looked like a crowd even I could have competed against. But not the tall kid, he would have stuffed me and laughed in my face just like he did to the rest of them. (His dad.did tell him at one point to stop shooting!)

All and all it was an interesting experience. I kept trying to picture G as a Den Dad….and I wasn’t seeing it. It did make me laugh out loud though picturing him in a scout leader shirt telling a nerdy kid to sit down and work on his walking stick.

Tomorrow night I’m off to Des Moines to see my bestie Megan and we take off at 6 am on Thursday for a fun filled long weekend in Texas!!! I’m sure we will have some great stories from our trip!


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