Howdy Y’all!!

And we’re off!!!

I finally arrived at Megan’s house last night around 10:30 after a series of minor snafus.

1) I thought I lost my ID. I was on the road…5 mins from home luckily…. and thought I should double check I had it. I didn’t. In a fury of panic, I turned around. After ripping my room and purse apart, I remembered I had needed it at the gym on Monday and there it was…in my gym bag.

2) I thought I lost my debit card. Turns out it was in my pocket..where I put it after gassing up just an hour before. Seriously, I’m not sure if I have adult ADHD or if I’m just scattered or what….but I thing G was a little worried for me.

3) I literally packed in an hour after work, so I packed wayy too much and am probably missing something key….I’ll keep you posted on the outcome of this.

After catching up, we finally fell asleep around midnight, only to get up at 3 to get ready and to the airport for our 6 AM flight. We left behind the cold rain and icky chance of snow…trading in for a high of 71 today and in the 80s the rest of the weekend! Whooo hoooo vacation!!!!!!!

We just arrived to Dallas and will catch our connecting flight soon. We are traveling with a group from Megan’s work…and it seems like it will be a fun group and there will def be lots of laughing this weekend! {I’ve heard those Nationwide kids know how to have a good time!!}


Megs and Nat at DFW...Austin watch out!

So we will be in Austin by 10. It’s our first time….any must sees??? I am not sure what to expect. Really my only experience of Texas is having watched every single episode of Friday Night Lights….most of them twice. I hope I see Tammy and Coach Taylor while I’m in town!!! 🙂


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