Nationwide was on Our Side….With a free trip to Texas!

Welcome back for part 2 of my vaca to Texas recap! You can read part one here if you haven’t already and get caught up!

After we left Austin, we headed to Horseshoe Bay, Texas where we stayed at a really fancy resort. As Megan’s guest, Nationwide paid for my flight and hotel, and also all my food and drinks at the resort, which was awesome! And I promise you we got our money’s worth on the drinks part! Plus we had an amazing gift basket in our room when we checked in filled with delicious snacks {including BOMB chips and salsa}, and Megs left with an iPad mini and freakin’ $50 gift card!! Seriously–great company!

It was about a 60 minute drive from Austin to Horseshoe Bay, but it was a gorgeous ride. I thought for sure Texas would be flat and brown, but it was hilly and green, which totally surprised me. We also drove right past Willie Nelson‘s house–and although all we could see was the gate {obviously adorned with music notes and cowboy boots!}, it was still pretty cool knowing we’d seen it. Once we got to the resort we checked in and headed straight to the pool in our swim suits. At a hot 80+ degrees, we didn’t want to waste ANY time not soakin’ up the sun.

Gorgeous fountains at the resort

Gorgeous fountains at the resort

There was even a real grass mini golf course at the resort!

There was even a real grass mini golf course at the resort!

Gorgeous flowers

Gorgeous flowers

After several hours, it was time to get ready for dinner.

girls at dinnerFun fact–My dress was one I bought as a $14.98 “final sale” item at Loft a couple years ago as a possible bachelorette party or rehearsal dinner dress, and HAD NEVER WORN IT. Literally, I probably bought it in 2010 or 2011, and I packed it with the tags still on it. But I threw a cardigan over it and added a belt and I thought it turned out looking pretty cute! I’ll have to wear it again soon! 🙂

Dinner & cocktails were served outside over looking the lake at sunset. Hellooooo amazing Texas! After dinner we went back to the hotel where the party continued well into the night. It was an absolute blast–and I can’t say it enough, but such fun people!

Saturday morning Megs had work obligations, but as her lucky guest, I had the morning free to relax. My new friend Emily and I spent the morning at the spa since it was overcast outside, and went from the relaxation pool, to the hot tub, to the sauna, to the steam room, and back around again. It was the perfect way to relax and nurse my {slight} hangover.

Spa day

That afternoon Megs and I had our spa day. We had chosen to get manis and pedis, but unfortunately were not scheduled for the same time. We had the cutest lady ever doing our services, Penni. She was pure Texan through and through–and we loved her fun energy and of course Texas accent–and drinking wine didn’t hurt make it a great time, too. While we were getting our nails done, a group of about 6 guys and a barber walked in. They were in a wedding at the resort, and the barber had been hired to pamper the guys before the wedding. I’m not sure how they got put in the same little room as we were getting our nails done in, but Megs and I were sure glad they did–they were VERY attractive men {aka, delicious eye candy}. AND we came to find out they were FIRE FIGHTERS from Austin. I think poor Megs about passed out when she found that out! And it was hilarious how many of the ladies who worked in the salon kept coming in, giggling, asking them if they needed anything. Needless to say, we were especially disappointed when Penni told us it was time to go. If Megan ever goes missing, and people are wondering where she could be, I’m heading down to Austin and will start looking in every fire department I can find.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have much more time to lay out after our spa day, but we went back to our room and took a little snooze before getting ready for the Nationwide awards dinner and reception.

girls outside


Horseshoe BayDinner was outside, and a 5 course meal at that. UNFORTUNATELY the beginning of the dinner it was sprinkling, so it was funny actually sitting outside eating in the rain….{literally rain drops were splashing in my glass of chard}. It was hilarious to look over and see most of the people with their napkins on their heads for protection. LUCKILY it didn’t last real long. So we survived. Phew!

They gave out awards, which MEGS WAS A ROCK STAR and got one of the top awards! I was so proud to be her “date!” After awards, they had a DJ and dance–and let me tell you this–the group of ladies from Nationwide in San Antonio KNEW HOW TO GET DOWN. They knew basically every dance from every music video….ever. I was incredibly impressed with this considering I never really watch music videos, let alone watch them enough to know the dances {except Beyonce’s “All the Single Ladies” dance–obviously I know the hand move part from that…and I rocked that right along with them} But everyone dance and sang, and the DJ was totally into it. SUCH A BLAST!

Lady Friends!

Lady Friends!

A special request for a 2-Step

A special request for a 2-Step


And last, but not least--someone tell me how you have more fun than these guys?

And last, but not least–someone tell me how you have more fun than these guys?

I really wish I would have taken more dancing pictures and crowd pictures as more and more people joined in. But I was having too much fun! We were super sad to see the night end. When we got back to our room, we had to pack our bags and head to bed since we had to be up to catch a shuttle at 7 am the next morning. BOOOOOOO for vacation ending.

We got home without any trouble, and as bummed as I was to leave the sunshine, I was pretty excited to get home to G and of course Dory. How could I not miss this cutie?!?


I cannot wait to go back to Austin sometime and take G with me, as I know he would love it as much as I did. A HUGE thank you to my friend Megs for asking me to go with her….what a memorable vaca and I can’t wait to do it again someday!

Any suggestions for our next vacation!?!? I’m ready to start saving and planning!!!




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