Fall Beauty – NaBloPoMo Day 7

It’s only been a week since I started the NaBloPoMo challenge….but it feels like it’s been forever. Blogging every day is not easy! I want to write every day, but I don’t want to bore readers. So today is going to be short and sweet.

As I was driving back to work after lunch, I was noticing how many leaves had already fallen to the ground. Then, out of no where, I saw a tree that was so pretty it almost took my breath away. A couple blocks later, I saw another one. I didn’t think much of them, just that they were pretty….but then as I pulled into my parking spot back at work, a few blocks from the beautiful fall trees I’d seen, I decided I needed to go take some pictures. Fall comes and goes way too fast, and had I waited until tomorrow, they could have all fallen! I didn’t want to waste the beauty. So I turned around,  took out my trusty iPhone, and went to grab some quick snap shots.



I absolutely love fall and fall colors! It’s amazing how you can see 10 trees in a row that have absolutely no leaves left, then BAM! An amazing one that is not only full of leaves, but leaves of amazing colors that you only can see once a year. Today I just want to remind you not to move so fast that you miss the beauty in every day things. Wait until tomorrow and the beauty may be gone, so enjoy it today while it’s right in front of you! What’s your favorite part of fall??


3 thoughts on “Fall Beauty – NaBloPoMo Day 7

  1. We loved seeing all of the trees when we were back. The palm trees out here don’t scream fall if you know what I mean! 🙂 When I first saw your title I thought you were going to write about beauty products you love. Haha! <— now I want to know what you use!

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