TGIF! – NaBloPoMo Day 8

I’m so excited it’s Friday because I have been looking forward to this weekend since we left Colorado in September! My sissy is home to celebrate the holidays! I know, I know…..we’re a little early! But my sis is a Victoria Secret rock star in Colorado and this is her last weekend free before the holiday shopping madness begins. (Helllllllo Black Friday–it’s almost here!)

At first we were planning to all out “do Christmas“. But then we decided we would just do a little Thanksgiving and a little Christmas this weekend, then mail the rest of our gifts in December. So that was good because I was WAY BEHIND and did not have my shopping completely done. And getting perfect, thoughtful gifts takes time, friends!

So I’m blogging on my lunch hour from my phone (isn’t technology amazing??) so I can just enjoy my family tonight and not have to worry about my daily post,  and after work we’ll hop in the car and head up to Traer for a family-fun weekend {and likely lots and lots of wine!} Tomorrow my mama is making turkey and potatoes and stuffing and all our other holiday favorites and we will enjoy a weekend of hanging out, EATING TOO MUCH, and relaxing before the ACTUAL holiday season begins. The holidays are about being with the people you love and that’s exactly what I get to do this weekend!!! So Happy pre-Thanksgiving, and Merry early Christmas!!

What are your plans for this weekend?? Any other early holiday-ers???

What do you think!?!?

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