FATerday Thanksmas! NaBloPoMo Day 9


Merry Thanksmas and Happy Christgiving! (Thanks Jeffy for those!) Check out that dinner plate!!! Today, this wasn’t a Saturday, it was a flat out FATERDAY! We had an amazing dinner tonight and even got to open some presents. Pretty excited about my new stuff from Loft, Victoria’s Secret, and Bath & Body Works! Having family members who have jobs in retail is preeeeetty great! I am stuffed and trying to make room to have a pumpkin bar or some apple crisp for dessert. Deep breathes and time for some thanksgiving eatin’ pants….


Phoebe: Joey! Those are my maternity pants!
Joey: No, no! These are my Thanksgiving pants!!!!

Earlier today we watched the Hawkeyes kick Purdue’s butt and become bowl eligible {whoo hoo!}, and got to see our favorites Jeff and Betty! We also went shopping in Dysart, which has become quite the local destination with lots of little boutiques and small gift stores. I was so impressed by how many cute shops they had to offer. I even picked up this adorable Christmas decoration! I think it will fit in great with my kitchen decor, and a bought few other little odds and ends.


Tomorrow my sissy heads back to Colorado, and we go back to CR. Boooo! It’s amazing how quickly the weekend goes, especially when you’re with your nearest and dearest. We’re only in week two of November and I have so much to be thankful for.

I can’t wrap up today without wishing my favorite blogger and DIYer, and Zeta sister Brittney  a happy, happy 30th birthday! The Hawks were kind enough to give ya a birthday win! Britt, I hope you celebrated at the beach with your adorable family and had a great day!!!

So, what did you do this weekend? Fellow NaBloPoMoers how are you doing??


2 thoughts on “FATerday Thanksmas! NaBloPoMo Day 9

  1. Woo! Blog shout out! We had a great day shopping at The Grove. I even saw Drew Lachey (and his wife!) shopping. I thought you would appreciate this tidbit since you are obvs as big of a die-hard Newlyweds fan as I am!

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