Just Say Thank You, Would You?! – NaBloPoMo Day 10

Why is it so hard to take a compliment? Friday night when we rolled into Traer we stopped out at the golf course to see some old family friends and have a couple drinks. One of my best friends’ mom said to me, “Natalie, you look great! Are you getting skinnier?” My response? “Oh my gosh no way! I’m getting fatter, ehhh!”

Then Saturday we hung out with another family friend who mentioned, “Nat! Look at those fancy boots! I like em!” Again, my response was less than gracious. “These?? No, they are cheapies….they aren’t nice!”

No sooner were the words out of my mouth when my mom, rightly so said, “You aren’t supposed to tell them that! Just say thank you!”

What a concept…just say thank you. Every time someone compliments a new shirt, I tell them how cheap it was or what a good deal I got on it. Someone says they like my hair? I say ewww I need to get it cut! You liked those cookies I brought to work? I just threw them together, they’re soooooo easy!

But, why can’t I just smile and say thank youCoworkers and I have talked about it before, too…how hard it is to take a compliment. Its a woman thing I think….we are terrible at accepting compliments, but yet we love getting them! Next time G or a coworker complements how I look, or a piece of my clothing, or anything, my goal will be to refrain myself from deflecting the positive statement and just say thank you.

Anyone else have trouble taking compliments? Any ideas on how I can overcome the uncomfort of just saying thanks?

2 thoughts on “Just Say Thank You, Would You?! – NaBloPoMo Day 10

  1. I love this post! I love when people say thank you. Someone just complimented my beautiful gimoungous wedding ring… which I love… but I felt embarrassed. I couldn’t think of any witty comeback…. so I just said, “Oh… thank you. I love it!” And it was total a-ha moment, just liike you had! Miss you!!!!!!!!!

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    • Oohhh, I have the same problem when someone compliments my ring! Good point–it makes no sense to be EMBARRASSED! Hahaha–us women can be such wack-o’s! Maybe we’re scared of “Mean Girls” compliments. “I really like that bracelet!” (That’s the fugliest bracelet I’ve ever seen!)

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