I Moustache You a Question – NaBloPoMo Day 12

Are mustaches getting on anyone else’s nerve? I get that Movember is the guys’ turn to raise money for a kind of cancer that affects them–after enduring the month of October where everything around them turns pink for breast cancer awareness. Sure, it make sense. If you’re fully and truly participating in Movember–you’re seeking out donations, raising money for the cause–okay, fine. Cancer sucks and any money raised toward getting rid of it is good and I can jump on board with that. But I heard a guy who is participating in “no shave November” {NSN} the other day say this:

“No shave November is when you don’t shave for the month of November, then you donate the money you saved by not shaving to men’s cancer.”

Huh? That was a new one to me. And this was a grown man, folks. So he’s saying you save, what? $2.99 on the thing of shaving cream you don’t have to use, and a dollar on the razor, then donate that $4 to finding a cure? Ummmm, okay. Orrrrr you just want an excuse to be lazy and not shave for a month….and look ragged and tired in public for the sake of “raising money for cancer”.

Sure, Al and Matt on the Today Show are doing NSN and getting prostate exams on air (eww) to raise awareness. Great. Use your celebrity for a good cause. But can’t you just talk about it? What does not shaving for 30 days have to do with it? Why make me watch you look worse with every passing day, like this?


Can we agree this is not a good look? And why do they keep shaving their heads if it’s NSN?? Oh wait….

Moustaches have become so popular that over the last couple years they’ve been popping up all over the place.

Please no one get me these for Christmas:


Nothin’ says “Sexy Wife” like flannel covered in moustaches…

And I really don’t need this on my desk at work to hold my mail:

Mail Holder

Where did I put that bill? Ahhh yes, in my moustache!

Or this little “party favor”:

Nothing freshens the smell of your house quite like a burning moustache

Because nothing freshens your house quite like the smell of a burning moustache

Really the only moustache novelty I’m not completely over is the “Mustachifier” which is still hilarious and makes me laugh every time:


But guys, really. Have we not learned? Very few people still can pull off a mustache like Tom Selleck.


Why try and risk looking like this:

Imageor this:


or for heaven’s sake this:


Let’s agree that the moustache parties were fun a few years ago when they first started becoming popular. I’ve seen plenty of funny pictures of my friends wearing huge ‘staches tailgating or at moustache parties. I laughed and thought the moustache fad was great! But it’s time to move on….

If you are truly and actively raising money for cancer, and growing a moustache can help you do that, then good for you. I’ll sit here and wait for December 1st when they can finally go away. {And if it’s bad enough, I might contribute to your cause if you’ll freakin’ shave it off!} But if you’re doing it to be funny or cute….Don’t! Stop! The creepy facial hair is freakin’ me out and grossin’ me out and I’m ready for the world to move on to the next trendy thing.


What do you think!?!?

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