Mission Failed – NaBloPoMo Days 22-27

I gave up on NaBloPoMo last Friday after 21 days straight of blogging. I didn’t feel like writing, and I skipped day 22. Then, after I missed 1 day, I didn’t feel bad about missing another, and another, and another. Failing feels a little something like this:

But it’s okay. I was getting kind of burnt out and bored. And if I’m bored with what I’m writing, I’m pretty certain others are too. And that’s not good for anyone.

Last weekend was sports weekend. Friday after work we went to {one of my} favorite restaurants in Iowa City Wig and Pen. Saturday we tailgated in the sub-zero freezing temps {briefly} and then went to the Iowa/Michigan game and saw a great game! But wow those things wear you out! We came home, napped, and started watching Dexter on Netflix. It’s a pretty good show….can’t wait to keep going with it.

Now we are on the road to Fort Dodge to spend Thanksgiving with the Ivorys. Saturday Greg’s cousin {who was a groomsman in our wedding!} is getting married. So we’ve got a busy, family filled weekend ahead of us. I’m sure going to miss being with my parents and sister though!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!!

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