Leo’s 1st Birthday Par-Tee

After searching Pinterest for 1st birthday party ideas, I settled on a golf themed party for baby Leo. It was taking place in the middle of summer, in our back yard, and our family loves to play golf. So we planned a 1st birthday PAR-TEE, complete with his very first set of golf clubs!


2-tiered cake and smash cake: Countertop Cakes

Embroidered birthday shirt: Etsy


Golf Clubs (Brats and Hotdogs)

Putt-ato Salad

Par Pasta Salad

Chip Shots (Chips)

Watermelon Slices

Range Balls (Popcorn Puffs)

Donut Hole-in-Ones (Donut holes)

Arnold Palmers


I’m SEW Excited! – NaBloPoMo Day 18



I mentioned casually to my parents the other weekend how much I would love to get a sewing machine to try some sewing projects. My mom said she thought they still had my grandma’s old sewing machine in storage, and offered to let me have it. My dad took me to look at it, and I fell in love. It is old – a Singer Stylist Model 457 – which came out in 1969 {queue the music….It was the summer of ’69!}. But it even had thread still on the bobbin and a little square of fabric still on it that she must have practiced some patterns on. And I swear it still smelled a little like her even. It made me sooooo happy and miss her sooooo much!

I have had it for a couple of weeks now, and was planning on having one of my friends come over to help get me started since I had no idea how to thread it or anything {there is no manual, and it’s been a LONNNNG time since I took a home economics class!} My schedule has been crazy though, and we haven’t gotten together yet. So tonight I decided to try figuring it out myself. I watched some YouTube videos, looked at some online diagrams, even G helped me a little with some trial and error, and I am proud to say we are UP AND RUNNING folks! I just practiced tonight a little on squares of fabrics {just like Grandma!} and am slowly getting the hang of it. I am so excited to keep practicing and get better with time–and I can’t wait to feature some of my projects her on the blog. Watch out DIY section of Pinterest!

Oh, and having a little piece of my grandma in the house is a pretty amazing feeling, too. I swear I could almost feel her helping me when I was threading the needle, and could picture her exactly licking the thread to get it through when I was little. I miss her so much! Memories…..aren’t they amazing?

Any tips for my new sewing hobby??? Or blogs/sites I must check out for tips?