Leo’s 1st Birthday Par-Tee

After searching Pinterest for 1st birthday party ideas, I settled on a golf themed party for baby Leo. It was taking place in the middle of summer, in our back yard, and our family loves to play golf. So we planned a 1st birthday PAR-TEE, complete with his very first set of golf clubs!


2-tiered cake and smash cake: Countertop Cakes

Embroidered birthday shirt: Etsy


Golf Clubs (Brats and Hotdogs)

Putt-ato Salad

Par Pasta Salad

Chip Shots (Chips)

Watermelon Slices

Range Balls (Popcorn Puffs)

Donut Hole-in-Ones (Donut holes)

Arnold Palmers


Sunshine & Spring

{Finally!!} It actually hit 60 degrees today in Cedar Rapids. The sun was bright and shining today, and you could just feel that people were in a better mood. That’s why I love spring in the Midwest. If you get a 60 degree day in Florida or Arizona, people are wearing fleece and Uggs. In Iowa–a 60 degree day in March means flip flops and capris.

Now, I’m not someone who will wear sandals or shorts in March, but I love being outside when it finally gets warm after a long, cold winter. Last night I played outside with Dory Dog for a little bit, and tonight G & I decided to hit up the driving range. We hurried home from work, loaded up our dusty clubs, and went to the driving range near our house. Of course, everything was brown, and our ears got pretty chilly, but it was a gorgeous night to be out on the range. We had barely gotten started when a couple lanes away, an older guy started talking to G. He opened with, “You don’t play much, do you?” Ouch.

G tried to keep his answers short, but the guy continued. “Do you train with the Pro out here?” “No.” “Oh, well come over here, I’ll give you some pointers.” This in general made me giggle because I could tell G was not interested in this guy’s pointers. I couldn’t hear everything the guy was saying, but I did notice he talked about the shaft A LOT, and kept pulling all kinds of different “training sticks” out of his bag to show G.  I also heard several times about this guy’s coach from Australia {although he also said he’d only had 2 lessons so far….}.   When I started hearing him talking about his body as a parachute and then told G “to pretend he’s a big gorilla, with his gorilla arms out so you can pull the armpit hair”, I had to start laughing and thought for a second we might be on a hidden camera TV show. G said later he wished he would have had a video camera to post it on YouTube….this guy was something else. He was talking so long that I had time to go through my first bucket AND GET ANOTHER. {Good thing for 1/2 price refills} So, I had a great time…..G got some “pointers”….and we got our first real dose of fresh spring air. Can’t wait to get out there again, and hopefully {once it’s perfected}, G will teach me the “gorilla arms method” of golf.

Lots of divots on that brown grass....{but not all mine!} I have ome work to do!

Lots of divots on that brown grass….{but not all mine!} I have some work to do!

Golf bag as the sun sets

Golf bag as the sun sets

Closing time. See you again soon Meadowridge!

Closing time. See you again soon Meadowridge!

Last weekend was Easter and a big weekend for the Ivory family. I have been attending weekly classes since last September to become Catholic, and finally at Easter I was confirmed and had my first communion. G’s parents and grandma came for the [two hour] Easter Vigil mass. It was a beautiful mass and I’m so happy to have my classes completed. It will be nice to have my Tuesday nights back!! Thanks to my in-laws for coming and to my hubby for being an awesome sponsor!

G & I before dinner and Easter Vigil mass

G & I before dinner and Easter Vigil mass

G & N and Grandma Marlene

Mr & Mrs. and Grandma Marlene after Easter Vigil

Sunday morning I made breakfast for everyone before they headed home. I made a ham & cheese quiche, fruit salad, bacon pancakes, and delicious Lemon Blueberry Muffins. Making them from scratch was trickier than the boxed kind I’m used to, but so worth it. And the recipe was easy to follow….try them out! I think everyone enjoyed my breakfast, but I was so busy getting everything made I forgot to take pictures!

Last but not least, I just want to thank everyone who has already contributed to our Honor Flight Fundraiser. Your generosity has been so appreciated! Our copy of the documentary arrived, and I’m more than willing to pass it around–so just let me know if you’re interested in borrowing. A close friend wrote in a note to me with his donation, “Those who served in WWII are the ‘greatest generation’ and we must honor them before it’s too late.” Such a true statement and I hope you’ll join me in supporting this wonderful organization. If you haven’t donated yet–it’ not too late! Any donation big or small is appreciated–and you can make a donation to our fundraiser by clicking here. We are really looking forward to going to the welcome home ceremony at the Eastern Iowa Airport in a couple weeks, and hope to make our donation before the first trip of the year.

Hoping for a big Iowa comeback tonight in the NIT championship game….but with 10 minutes left and down by 15 points, it’ not looking so good unfortunately. Needing a miracle at this point….! Go Hawks Go!